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Why you should switch to BPLedger?
  • Data Safety, Backup and Restore. Be in control of your data
  • Complete Document Management serving as audit trail of all transactions
  • Free GST report. Input-Output Tax Computation
  • Multi Tax Line in Invoices
  • 18 languages and more added every week
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O nline accounting is catching on as you can access your accounts anytime from anywhere. What stands out for BPLedger Accounting is the ease of use especially for small business owners who have no knowledge of accounting. BPLedger Accounting presents translates business from an operations perspective into an accounting perspective, shielding users from the need to know accounting.

BP Ledger Accounting is small lite and uses open standards. This means that integration of data to other systems is also possible by approaching trained IT professionals.

BPLedger platform can be customised with your company logo and domain name.
We do not sell our source code but we can host your custom interface using your domain name.
 Charges Breakdown
 Setup Fees  $5000
 Customisation  $10000 onwards
 License Fees
$5000 per year onwards* 
 * dependent on number of users and storage requirements