Mission Statement
BPLedger is a not just a software, it aims to be a standard file format for corporate data which can store all information regarding a business that can be searched sorted, retrieved and archived be it online or offline.
Company information comes in the following and depending on business may have many more
  • invoices
  • purchase orders
  • quotations
  • payments
  • cheques
  • signed contracts
  • IRAS letters
  • ACRA reports
  • AGM
  • bank transfers, TT, ATM withdrawals
  • inventory writeoffs
  • inventory theft - police reports
  • inventory damage reports
  • lawyer letters
  • demand letters
  • awards
  • network setup information

    .. and many many more...
BPLedger allows you to upload all these documents and where these relate to accounting transactions provide the links for referencing these documents in scanned image or pdf or word formats
So far there are no solutions that provide a complete solution to organize and manage all this data and  paperwork without reliance on disparate systems and software.
Super Lite Accounting .SLA Format
As a small business owner  my 1 year of data comprising of accounting transactions attachments scans and all related documents will not take up more than 1MB of storage.
In this respect, BPLedger is the accounting solution that will stand out. Its .SLA SuperLite Accounting format also means that data is so small that cartons and cartons of paperwork can be consolidated into a single .SLA file and forwarded across email or exchanged via dropbox / cloud storage.