BPLedger welcomes accountants and bookkeepers freelance or corporate entities to use our online platform.
The following are our Accounting partners promoting BPLedger. For customers who like the BPLedger system but prefer to have someone with the professional knowledge to handle your accounts, please contact our BPLedger ambassadors.
Vanessa Loke
ACCA Associate, Freelance Accountant, Consultant providing customised accountancy /bookkeeping and corporate consultancy service.
Vanessa is a bubbly girl who believes that more companies should start their business right implementing "systems" that scale with the business rather than  adding it as an afterthought when the cost and time of doing so later on will escalate.

Vanessa Loke

Mr. Hay Phearin is a Supervisor of Accounting and Tax Consulting of BSE Accounting. He was an Auditor of Grant Thornton Cambodia and also an Accountant Trainer of Mohanokor Microfinance Plc. Currently, he is also a trainer at Cambodia Accounting Club, teaching Bookkeeping and Accounting System. He holds BEd from IFL, CAT, Certified Accounting Technician, from CamEd Business School and also doing ACCA at CamEd Business School.