Easy creation of Invoices. 
Flexible and ability to  use broad description 
or itemised invoice.
MS Word Invoices allow finer editing or inclusion of 
specialised terms and contract conditions not catered for in templatised invoice.

  This feature is not supported by MS Word (Mobile) 
PDF invoices POs and Quotations with customised templates
 Inventory function allows keeping track of inventory.
Inventory function can also be turned off so it does not 
affect Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet 
Inventory adjustment on actual count is also supported. 
GST Report according to Singapore IRAS format
Digital Signature function for Self-Deliveries.
This function allows customer to sign directly onto your digital invoice.
Signatures are automatically recorded as images.
Multi User. Allows you to create multiple users with restricted roles
such as Purchaser / Sales / Store or Full Accounting function
BPLedger also has mobile friendly and Touch Friendly
edition optimised for mobile phones such as iPhone iPads 
and Android mobile devices.
 BPLedger allows users to backup their own
Accounting file offline to harddisk.
It is to date the only online accounting software that also allow
you to restore your accounts file from any backup 
BPLedger allows you to capture scans of company 
documents and link to invoices purchases expenses and more.
Letters addressed to the company can also be uploaded
 organised and categorised  
Many cloud accounting software only allow uploading
receipts and nothing else.
BPLedger allows documents scans to be associated with invoices payments, purchases
even journal entries / bank transfers and basicall ALL documents related to the company such
as rental contracts or IRAS letters.
BPLedger's document management is the most complete document account of
your business. 
Customised Invoices Delivery Orders Purchase Orders and Quotations
 can be designed using standard HTML  and CSS 
Be  as creative as you want in customising your PDF and print documents.